Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Need To Know.

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In this week’s update we’re out doing what we do best! We spot this guy having some lunch and I knew I had to approach him. He seemed pretty cool, carried on a conversation with us, but seemed a bit distracted. I threw out the offer and he was skeptical, even brought up that he had a girl friend, and that he was on his way to see her or something like that. But, for some reason, I kept being persistant, and my boy was going at him too, until he finally complied with us and came with us for our afternoon anal-a-lation, if that even makes sense. Let me tell you guys something… yeah, he claimed to be straight, but he was hypnotized when he saw my friend’s cock! He started throwing that thing down his mouth; he liked it so much that he took it up his ass while claiming to be straight. STAY TUNED!


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Your Girlfriend Doesn’t Need To Know.



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