Zane Anders Vs. JJ Knight

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Zane Anders Vs. JJ Knight
JJ Knight is looking for redemption; he’s vows to give Zane Anders a mouth and ass full of his ten inch cock. Laughing it off, Zane Anders vows to make JJ his personal fuck toy. Zane gets slapped around by JJ’s monster cock while JJ gets taken down in an extreme hold after hold. The contenders slip around with raging boners in the oil round until the winner finally comes out with a commanding victory. He traps the loser in a lock and fucks the loser’s face relentlessly. The loser gets full taste of sweaty winner ass before the winner pulls the loser up for a hard doggy fucking. He smothers the loser with his feet before bringing the slut back up to receive a hot load on his face. The loser jerks out his own load and gets a taste of it as the winner walks off with the loser’s anklet as a trophy.
Studio: KinkMen
Naked Kombat


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Zane Anders Vs. JJ Knight



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